About Us

What do we manufacture?

We are proud to be recognised as Australia’s leading manufacturer of:

  • Innovative gas, charcoal and wood fired food service equipment
  • Energy efficient gas-fired food service equipment
  • Reliable gas-fired food service equipment
  • Competitively priced gas-fired food service equipment
  • Custom built Gas , Charcoal and Wood fired food service equipment to suit all specific requirements!

What are our Strengths?

We build quality, reliable and energy efficient food service equipment that is:

  • Built for low cost maintenance with affordable genuine spare-parts
  • Tried and proven by the Professionals
  • Custom built to suit your requirements
  • Fixed or mobile
    Australian Made and Owned
  • Designed to reduce cooking times to handle major events and functions
  • Built to run 24 hours a day without failure

What is Special about our Equipment?

We have designed our equipment to be simple and functionalequipment that is simple to use and is high performing
Equipment that is super energy efficientlow flue temperatures and efficient designs mean less energy required and savings in energy cost
Equipment that is easy to service and maintainreliability and use of quality controls provides peace of mind when making purchasing decisions
Heavy duty and robust designslong lasting quality the offers an excellent return on investment
Custom design and manufacturewe can offer alternative custom solutions to meet your requirements

Who are our Valued Customers?

Our customers are people who want equipment which keeps on keeping on, and if and when replacement parts are needed, these can be replaced quickly and affordably. Our customers demand equipment that offers low cost spare parts and that can be repaired with minimal down time.

Cookon equipment is meeting the demands of customers and working non-stop in busy commercial kitchens in every state and territory right throughout Australia and at an international level from Europe to Asia and through the Pacific Islands.

We are extremely proud of the products we manufacture and to all of our customers we must offer ultra reliable and high quality equipment, unrivalled customer service and back up support. This is the secret for a very happy Cookon customer.

Benefits to your Bottom Line

In a very competitive industry it is important to protect your bottom line. Many things can affect this for example; it takes too long to clean your equipment after service, your energy bills are spiralling, the service cost to repair broken appliances.

Cookon Commercial has listened and taken advice from restaurateurs and various end users who look for equipment that offers features and benefits that will assist in reducing wasted costs and help improve their bottom line.

Every Cookon appliance has many in-built strip and clean features that can greatly reduce labour costs involved in the cleaning process of a busy kitchen at days end. Such features include removable trivets, burners, drip trays and the sizing of many removable components to fit standard commercial dishwashers. These design features help to provide a safe kitchen, which has been endorsed by Workplace Health & Safety. Remember a safe kitchen leads to reduced accidents.

Energy efficiency levels of the burners in our gas equipment have been recorded at random and shown results in the vicinity of 80%. This efficiency contributes to reduced gas usage and lower flue temperatures which reduces the overall running costs. The low flue temperature means a kitchen that is user friendly and a safer working environment.

When it comes down to cooking times, significant reductions can be achieved with Cookon equipment. Many of these products have the ability to reduce cooking time by as much as 50%. Reduced cooking times lead to quick product turn-around, significant savings and most importantly the ability to perform in demanding situations

The simple design of quality appliances and use of quality appliance controls means ease of servicing and minimal downtime in busy periods should anything go wrong. The affordable cost of Cookon spare parts can be clearly demonstrated to significantly reduce the whole of life cost of the appliance.

Choosing a quality Cookon Commercial Appliance will in fact assist in improving your bottom line

Company Background

Cookon Commercial (est. 1970) & Langford Metal Industries (est. 1955) have combined to become one of Queensland’s largest fabricators of sheet metal and food service equipment. Cookon Commercial has been manufacturing the “Cookon” brand since 1970 and manufactures a large range of gas and charcoal fired food service equipment and is justifiably proud of its high quality and super energy efficient “Australian-made” products.
Cookon Commercial is committed to providing an excellent customer service level to all our customers, offering the very best equipment available which is supported by sales and service personnel with the working knowledge and experience to support our products.