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Rent-Try-Buy explained

Cashflow is king, and whilst you need certain tools of the trade for a business to thrive, you sometimes need the cash flow to survive. So, what do you sacrifice?

Cookon Catering Equipment are working in partnership with Silver Chef, so you can have your commercial kitchen equipment to make your cake with and eat it too with our Rent-Try-Buy options.

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Do you want to reduce your Cooking Oil Costs by up to 50%, here’s how?

Customers eat out for a variety of reasons, convenience, experience and taste. The food you produce must be on par at least or surpass the quality they themselves produce in order for them to see value. Food purchases can be impulsive or emotional, they might have brought leftovers to work but the intoxicating smell of hot chips might be too hard to pass-by.

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What makes a pizza gourmet?

A commercial pizza oven can take a pizza from standard to sublime, but what makes a pizza gourmet?

The traditional pizza has evolved from the standard meat and veggie toppings to more high-end ingredients and varied creations.

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Safety tips for using a commercial deep fryer

Whilst burns make up a very small portion of hospital visits, they are generally some of the more serious injuries. Whether you are using a domestic or commercial deep fryer it is essential to be cautious and take all necessary safety steps.

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Why opt for bespoke kitchen equipment?

When you open a food outlet you generally have a vision for your kitchen, but sometimes a vision needs to make way for reality and the well-oiled kitchen you envisioned needs to be changed and amended to accommodate the size of equipment you need.

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5 things you can cook in a commercial pizza oven that’s not pizza

Do you think a commercial pizza oven can only cook pizza? Your humble pizza oven can cook some culinary masterpieces that span beyond just pizzas.

A beautiful wood fired pizza is a welcome addition to any menu, but why limit yourself to just cooking pizzas when there are so many other possibilities!

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What to consider before buying food service equipment

When you are investing in the food service business, it’s crucial to make sure you are taking informed and insightful decisions for business growth. Being well informed about your options before buying your commercial kitchen equipment is the first step to take. For cafes, restaurants and any hospitality businesses, certainly Australian made catering equipment is the best choice.

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Average lifespan of commercial food service equipment

Collecting necessary information on the efficiency and reliability of commercial kitchen equipment is a prerequisite of buying them. A food service business, such as a restaurant or a café’s sales depends a lot on the efficiency of the catering equipment being used in the kitchen. Whether you are deciding to buy new or used catering equipment, there are a few things that should be considered first. One of those factors is the average lifespan of the catering equipment you need.

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After sales support is everything for your food service equipment

Equipment that is constantly working need constant maintenance too. That is why commercial kitchen equipment in busy kitchens need good after sales support. Not all businesses have that service so before you choose to buy catering equipment make sure it’s from a company that provides good after sales support.

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Proper maintenance for food service equipment: why and how

Keeping the kitchen equipment in tiptop shape is one of the challenges of running a commercial kitchen. The key to keeping commercial food service equipment long-lasting and efficient is to regularly monitor and clean them. It should be noted that whenever any little issues arise regarding your catering equipment, they need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid major problems; and of course to save huge repair cost.

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