Our Industrial & Commercial Deep Fryer Units are Trusted Across Australia

Cookon has forty years worth of experience within the commercial kitchen equipment industry. Over this time, Cookon have been able to perfect their designs, in turn creating efficient and reliable equipment that every chef will love.

Cookon’s expertise has produced a large range of commercial deep fryer units, also known as industrial deep fryers, that offer considerable savings in gas consumption, and cook quality and delicious food.

Quality Materials and Quality Equipment Mean Quality Food for Your Customers

We only manufacture our commercial deep fryer units with quality stainless steel. The stainless steel pans and exclusive ripple pan base are designed for maximum heat transfer. Better still, our pans come with a limited ten year warranty.

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You can be assured when you buy from Cookon Commercial Catering Equipment, your product has been designed with strict quality control measures, to ensure premium performance and reliability.

We Have a Range of Commercial Deep Fryer Accessories

We have a range of excellent, standard accessories that are can be included at no extra cost. You can choose from adjustable front legs, rear castors, night lids, basket supports, flue trim, fish plates, fish plate removal tools, drain extension and baskets.

We like giving our customers these optional accessories, so that you can customise your commercial deep fryer, to suit your needs, and the needs of your kitchen.

Cookon in Brisbane Create Commercial Catering Equipment with Efficiency in Mind

When we design and manufacture commercial kitchen equipment, we do it with our client’s best interest at heart.

All of our commercial kitchen equipment is designed with efficiency in mind, making a difference to your bottom line. When it comes to our industrial & commercial deep fryers, whether you’re in Brisbane or across Australia, you can count on Cookon Commercial Catering Equipment products.

The quality of Cookon’s commercial kitchen equipment is guaranteed, and new Cookon products receive a 12-months parts and labour warranty (conditions apply). We work with service teams across Australia.

To learn more about our commercial deep fryers, and our other commercial kitchen equipment contact us now! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help, and provide you with a quote.

FFR-1-460S "Econo" Single Pan Fryer

The 460S series Gas Deep Fryers are the most super energy efficient Deep Fryers on the market! This award winning model could save you upwards of $3000 per annum on running costs and is Australian Made!

$5,574.00 $4,487.00

FFR-1-525S "Jumbo" Single Fryer

The 525S Series Gas deep Fryers are renowned for their reliability and performance and have become serious work horses in many busy takeaway outlets, hotels and restaurants. The versatility of the 525s Series is evident as many catering hire companies choose this model because of its size and mobility!

$5,696.00 $4,585.00

FFR-2-200S "Split" Twin Pan Fryer

The 200S series Gas Deep Fryers offer High Performance, Reliability and are versatile performers and well suited for outlets that have limited space! Being a split pan model it gives the operator the flexibility to cook fries and wedges separate to other fried food products.

$8,569.00 $6,898.00

FFR-2-300S "Compact" Twin Pan Fryer

The 300S series Gas Deep Fryer are versatile performers and are perfect for outlets that require small amounts of fried product and outlets that have limited space! Offering a split pan configuration with each pan independently controlled!    

$8,972.00 $7,223.00

FFR-2-460S "Econo" Twin Pan Fryer

The 460S series Gas Deep Fryers are the most super energy efficient Deep Fryers on the Market. This award winning model can save you "Many Dollars' per annum on running costs and is proudly Australian Made

$9,413.00 $7,578.00

FFR-2-525S "Jumbo" Twin Fryer

The 525S series Gas Deep Fryers are renowned for their reliability and performance and have become serious work horses in many busy take away outlets, hotels and restaurants. many Catering Hire Companies choose this model because of its size, performance, reliability and mobility!

$9,857.00 $7,935.00

FFR-20L "Performer" Single Pan Fryer

Cookon single Pan Fryer with twin baskets has quick recovery and is suitable for all types of frying! Please Note: This Fryer is only available in Queensland Tasmania and South Australia!!

$5,025.00 $4,045.00

MCFR-1 "Modular" Counter Fryer

The only Gas Counter Fryer available on the Australian Market!! The MCFR series Gas Counter Fryer is the perfect solution for the mobile caterer! Built to very high standards to withstand the rigours of being constantly moved either within a Food Van or in use at markets! Quick recovery, easy operation, piezo ignition, quality reliable thermostat and over temperature safety cut-out!

$4,759.00 $3,831.00

Supafryer MK11 "Super" Single Pan Fryer

If its performance you want, then its performance you get with the MK11 Series Supafryer! This fryer is a seriously high performing fryer for high volume outlets which demand constant production of fried product! The unit has a digital thermostat which has a built in oil level sensor!

$8,219.00 $6,617.00