Australia’s Favourite Oil Filter Machines

It doesn’t take much for cooking oil to turn rancid, affecting not only the quality of your food but the efficiency of your kitchen, and cost of your supplies. By utilising an oil filtration system, you can clean your oil, extending its lifespan and increasing the quality of your produce.

Kay Bee Oil Filter Machine

Filter your cooking oil with a Kay Bee Oil Filter Machine and not only will you greatly extend the life of your oil, but your customers will thank you for a healthier, fresher and tastier food product!

Kay Bee Oil Filter Machines have been Australian owned and manufactured since 1978. They were the first oil filter machines on the Australian markets and are still recognised today as providing the simplest and most efficient filtering system available.

Why Use Oil Filters?

  • Oil filters are vital to the efficiency and safety of your kitchen,
  • Saves on labour time by cutting the time spent on fryer vat cleaning and oil filtering
  • Improved the appearance, taste and quality of your food
  • Extends oil life by up to 50%

Oil Filters for You

No matter if you are a small café, catering business or large scale commercial kitchen, our range of Kay Bee products will have something for your needs. We stock a variety of different oil capacities, from our compact 38 litre oil filter perfect for small capacity fryers to the KBS-4S Standard 50 Litre Stainless Steel for large, heavy use fryers, you can be sure to find the right fit for your kitchen.

Our oil filters can be used in conjunction with a wide range of our products, to shop our fryers and commercial ovens have a look at our products page.

Talk to our team today for more information, or request a quote for your new oil filter machine.

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