Increase the Quality and Life of Your Pies in Cookon’s Pie Vendor Oven/Pie Warmer

Cookon Commercial Catering Equipment’s pie vendor oven, also known as our pie warmer, help you and your staff keep your delicious, crispy and evenly cooked pies warm and fresh. Our pie warmers are reliable. You can be assured that the quality of your pies will be maintained, every time you put them in one of Cookon Commercials’ pie warmers.

Our Pie Warmers are Made with Quality Material

Our pie warmers are fully insulated with stainless steel internal and external panels, stainless steel perforated trays, Piezo Ignition, 110◦C thermostat, analogue temperature gauge and a stainless steel solid door with latch.  You have the option to hinge the door to either the right hand side, or the left hand side, depending on the needs of your commercial kitchen or space.

Pie Vendor Oven/Warmer | Brisbane | Australia | Cookon Commercial Catering Equipment

Our Pie Warmers have nine trays, and can fit approximately 160 pies. You’ll be able to keep lots if pies warm, and ensure all your customers get served and nobody misses out.

Cookon in Brisbane Create Commercial Catering Equipment with Efficiency in Mind

When we design and manufacture commercial kitchen equipment, we do it with our client’s best interest at heart.

All of our commercial kitchen equipment is designed with efficiency in mind, making a difference to your bottom line. When it comes to our pie warmers, whether you’re in Brisbane or across Australia, you can count on Cookon Commercial Catering Equipment products.

The quality of Cookon’s commercial kitchen equipment is guaranteed, and new Cookon products receive a 12-months parts and labour warranty (conditions apply). We work with service teams across Australia.

To learn more about our pie warmers, and our other commercial kitchen equipment contact us now! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help, and provide you with a quote.

CPVOG-1 Gas Vendor Oven/Warmer Gas 9 Tray Pie Oven/Warmer (Solid Door)

Cookon Pie Vendor Oven/Warmer. This unit comes standard with full insulated stainless steel internal & external panels, stainless steel perforated trays, piezo ignition, 110°C Thermostat, anologue temp gauge, stainless steel solid door with door latch, door can be hinged to either RH or LH side.

$5,708.00 $4,595.00